World Class Academic Workshop For Students In Grades 5-12 & Beyond!

Thank you for your interest in GPA+ Solutions.  It would be a pleasure to discuss how this academic workshop on learning how to learn can be successfully offered as an optional resource at your school, to individuals or small groups if personal time can be arranged, or anyone who might be able to schedule time online.

The Program

The instruction targets students in Grades 5-12 for on-campus sessions, but impacts college students, parents, faculty, and administrators who also participate.  The strategies and topics apply to anyone reading material for which they will be accountable:  in class during daily discussion, a quiz, or exam; someone who may be returning to school for a degree, graduate work, certification, or training in a different field or for an expanded role. Any learner curious about becoming a more efficient and productive consumer of the vast amount of information available to them in many different formats can benefit.



A focus is based on recent published research presenting self-testing, or quizzing yourself, as THE most effective study strategy.  For students, this becomes reading assignments in such a way that they prove to themselves that they know the material and are prepared – they have engaged in smart practice – for any question they might be asked verbally or on a test in class.  This eliminates a poor exam grade and the response “I read the assignment.  Why did I get a 60% on this test?”

Concentration on study-reading techniques, note-making instead of merely “taking” notes, using a study system, and developing consistent (daily) and enhanced study skills and habits lead to better class preparation. This is also better test-prep.


“Very worthwhile. The solutions presented will help me in my job and reinforce better habits for my son and daughter. (Parent/Faculty Participant)

“Everything I have learned from this workshop will help me be a better student, so I am happy with what I learned.” (Grade 7 student)

“This workshop should be used by many more people, because it is phenomenal.” (Grade 9 student)

“Gerry Lozeau has been associated with Fenwick since 1995 and this is his (sixth) year of personally presenting his academic workshop for interested students. Participants have included not only students from all four grades, but younger siblings, parents, and faculty. A common theme of the written comments we have received describes the class as very helpful and a worthwhile experience. They describe the presenter as very dedicated, engaging, caring, and able to involve each person on a personal level.” (Richard A. Borsch, Associate Principal, Director of Student Services, Fenwick High School, Oak Park, IL)

Learn More!

To initiate a discussion and have your questions answered about hosting workshop sessions at your school or how you might arrange personal instruction or online tutoring, call Dr. Gerard A. Lozeau at 508-454-6665 or click the button to fill out the convenient online contact form.